Beyond the Basics: Lime Essential Oil

With all the amazing citrus oils out there, sometimes Lime Essential Oil can get forgotten in the mix.

Which is a shame, because it smells amazing! The aroma of Lime is uplifting, energizing, and refreshing to the mood when diffused. It’s also a popular ingredient in smoothies, chicken or fish entrees, and many desserts. (more…)

Air-Cleaning House Plants

Air-Cleaning House Plants

Everyone knows that plants are good because they give us oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide. It is less commonly known that some house plants filter toxins out of the air in our homes and places of work. They are so effective that NASA prefers them over high-tech air purifying devices for space stations. Once you have read up on these amazing plants you might not be able to resist finding one for yourself. (more…)

Animal Scents

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New Clothesline!

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