Lime Essential Oil in the Kitchen

Did you know that you can use essential oils to cook with, marinate, or enhance flavors in your daily diet? 

For example, lime essential oil is amazing to use in a marinade for your tacos.


DIY Garbage Disposal Refresher

Does your garbage disposal need a little refreshing?

With everything that goes into the disposal, odds are that odors could be accumulating in there. Try this simple DIY recipe to make your own garbage disposal refreshers that will help freshen, clean, and deodorize your garbage disposal.


Graphics Bundle Featuring Orange Essential Oil

This graphics package contains 11 graphics featuring Orange Essential Oil.  These graphics contain roller blend recipes and diffuser recipes. Download the zip file, unzip it, and add your contact info to each graphic with your favorite app!


The Flu: What is it?

Influenza, commonly known as ‘The Flu’, is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. These infect the nose, throat, and lungs. The flu viruses are believed to be spread via airborne droplets produced when infected individuals cough, sneeze, or talk. The virus may also be transmitted through touching a surface that is contaminated with the virus, then touching one’s own mouth, nose, or possibly eyes. Influenza is a more serious illness than the common cold, and there is a potential that medical attention may be needed. Complications of the flu can include bacterial pneumonia, ear infection, sinus infection, and the worsening of chronic conditions such as heart failure, asthma, or diabetes.


National Bubble Bath Day!

Did you know there was a National Bubble Bath Day? Me either!

Let’s dive right in and honor this day with my favorite essential oil infused bubble bath recipe!


Get Yourself Focused with Essential Oils

Sometimes, getting yourself in the right mindset to tackle all the things that need to be done around your home can be a battle in itself.

Diffusing Essential Oils can help get you focused and motivated to grab your cape and utility belt and tackle the day; or they can help you decompress and relax after a long, stressful day.


Using Essential Oils on Festival of Sleep Day

Festival of Sleep Day is a day to catch up on sleep.

Have you ever laid awake at night unable to find the Sandman? Sung lullabies in hopes of helping your child find peaceful rest? Stared at the ceiling for hours? Or maybe counted that endless rotation of sheep?


Using Essential Oils to take care of National Hangover Day

Did you know today is National Hangover Day?? I guess it’s because so many people partied so hard last night and the majority will have hangovers today. 🙂 You may have tried eating a banana or doing whatever it is that health website told you to do to curb a hangover, but that probably didn’t help. Well, essential oils can actually work wonders in curbing the symptoms of a hangover before it gets too severe.


7 Essential Oil Tips for Weight Management

Managing your weight can be a challenge; we know there are long-term health benefits to eating well and moving our bodies—no matter what the scale may say—but it can be discouraging if you’re working hard and not seeing results. Infuse your weight-management plan with these essential oil tips to boost your efforts. (more…)

Beyond the Basics: Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger Essential Oil has remained one of the most popular herbs and spices for more than four thousand years! This oil comes from the root of the plant, and its scent is energizing and revitalizing.

Since it is a warming oil, it makes a great addition to massage blends. Make sure to dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil when using topically, since Ginger Essential Oil is a “hot” oil. (more…)

Beyond the Basics: Lime Essential Oil

With all the amazing citrus oils out there, sometimes Lime Essential Oil can get forgotten in the mix.

Which is a shame, because it smells amazing! The aroma of Lime is uplifting, energizing, and refreshing to the mood when diffused. It’s also a popular ingredient in smoothies, chicken or fish entrees, and many desserts. (more…)

Beyond the Basics: Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black Pepper makes a great flavor enhancer when cooking, especially for meats, marinades, and soups, but its wellness benefits span so much more. It also aids in digestion,* which is another reason to experiment with it in your entrees.

This oil contains many components that support the body and its systems in the areas of immune support,* healthy cell function,* and healthy circulation.*   In fact, although it is one of the less discussed oils today, the ancient Greeks and Romans valued this oil so much that they often used it as a type of currency. (more…)

How Do You Use Copaiba Essential Oil?

Known for its gentle, woodsy aroma, Copaiba essential oil is a product of steam distilling the gum resin tapped from the Brazilian Copaifera reticulata tree. Copaiba oil has high levels of beta-caryophyllene and a uniquely sweet aromatic profile, which helps create a relaxing atmosphere when it is diffused or applied topically. (more…)

Essential Oil Recipes for Grilling

There are few culinary pleasures in life to equal a good, grilled meal.

Steaks, chicken, barbecued pork, shrimp, vegetables—whatever your preference, it’s hard to beat the unique, wonderful flavor imparted to your favorites by fire and steel, cooked outdoors on your own patio, deck, or porch.

Whether your grilling adventures are seasonal or year-round, you want your efforts to be crowned with success. And so it‘s important to remember a few tips before you begin grilling. (more…)

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