Lime Essential Oil in the Kitchen

Lime Essential Oil in the Kitchen

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Did you know that you can use essential oils to cook with, marinate, or enhance flavors in your daily diet? 

For example, lime essential oil is amazing to use in a marinade for your tacos.


  • Meat of choice
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 3–5 drops of Lime essential oil per pound of meat 
  • Water

Place the meat in a bag. Add salt and lime essential oil and enough water to cover meat. Marinate for up to 8 hours.


  • Take the above recipe, add some honey, and marinate chicken wings.
  • Add 5–6 drops of Lime essential oil to your homemade guacamole.
  • Add 3–5 drops to Greek yogurt and Granola to make an enticing parfait.
  • Add 1–3 drops to salad dressing.• Add 1–3 drops to quinoa salad.
  • Add 1–3 drops to your favorite Key Lime Pie recipe
  • Add 5–7 drops to fruit dip or your fruit salad for bright citrusy flavor.
  • When making cupcakes, add 6–8 drops of lime essential oil to the batter and 10 drops to the icing.
  • Add 1–2 drops lime essential oil to your homemade berry-flavored popsicles.

*Tip: A little goes a long way with essential oils.

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