Getting Ready to Bathe Your Dog

Getting Ready to Bathe Your Dog

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If your pup had it his way, he’d be smelly and dirty all the time. But of course, you’d prefer the contrary. Bathing your dog doesn’t have to be a tiresome process. Try these bathing tips via the ASPCA to make cleaning your dog a more enjoyable process for both of you.

1. Come prepared

If your dog doesn’t like bathing, it’s best to be efficient. Even if he doesn’t mind it, you don’t want him following you into the other room when you realize that you’ve forgotten the shampoo. So, bring your Animal Scents Shampoo, a brush, a towel and a lot of treats.

2. Familiarize

If your dog has never bathed before, take him into the bathroom, so he knows the space. Get him to hop into the tub, and reward him when he does. Turn on the water (without him in the tub) to get him familiar with the sounds. This will increase comfort and decrease stress when you introduce water into the mix. If at any point, your dog becomes anxious, try to feed him treats. Of course, don’t force him to eat them — you should never force him during the process. Whatever the trigger of stress may be (running water, the initial soak), immediately follow it with a small piece of chicken or a hot dog. That will start to better your dog’s association with the bathing experience.

3. Prepare

Brush your dog’s coat and get rid of loose and tangled fur. This is best done outside (so you don’t make a bigger mess of your bathroom). Bring him into the bathroom, while trying to avoid using the word “come.” (If your dog doesn’t like bathing, and you’re continually telling him to come, then he’ll associate the word with bathing, and could stop responding to “come” in the future).

Line the bathtub with a rubber mat or towel, so the dog won’t slip around in the tub. And bring the water to a comfortable, lukewarm temperature.

And now, you’re ready to begin. Have fun!

This blog was reprinted with permission from the Young Living website.

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