Sleep Better with These 7 Tips

How you end the day makes all the difference. Your evening routine can either set you up for a cheerful and fulfilling day or one full of frustration and exhaustion. Here are seven steps you can take to create a successful bedtime routine that will give you more restful nights and more productive days. 1. Set an alarm for bedtime. Try setting an alarm for one…

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  • My nutritionist says I'm carb efficient and that I need to boost my metabolism.  Here's today's breakfast. Two corn tortillas (was supposed to be flour), 2 eggs, some mixed greens, and a cup of blueberries. 
Beat the eggs and then pour half into a small skillet. Let cook on low until your thin layer of egg is firm and cooked through. Slide into tortilla, layer some greens, and roll up.  Repeat with second egg/tortilla.

Enjoy with blueberries on the side.
  • This is what happens when you start studying about carrier oils more in depth. You come up with your own recipe for scar treatment. Before & after pictures coming in a couple of weeks!
  • Absolutely heavenly!
  • Y'all!! I added our new YL Vitality Drops (grapefruit/bergamot) to my Earl Grey tea.  It is amazing!  I think this is one of my new favorite drinks!

#YLVitalityDrops #electrolytes #bergamot #grapefruit #keto #earlgrey #health #wellness #sharingblessings
  • Flan cups full of caramel as far as the eye can see! Well, maybe not, but there are a lot of them! 😋

#dessert #notketo #smallgroupdessert #praisechurchsmallgroup
  • One of the best low-carb keto breakfasts to date! Power greens and arugula sauteed in bacon, 2 sunny side up eggs, and half an avocado. Thank you @coloured.amber for making my breakfast this morning 🥰
  • Finishing up a bunch of cookies for all the ladies in Mom's unit. Can't wait to deliver them tomorrow! They all love to get cookies! 🥰
  • It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

#chihuahuasofinstagram #chihuahua #goosethechihuahua #readyforchristmas
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